Park Rules

General Rules

  1. Vehicles must not exceed 5km per hour (walking pace) within the Resort. Drivers must also obey street signs and the directon of trafc flow.
  2. Parents are responsible for their children’s behaviour within the Resort. Children under 6 years must be accompanied by an adult when using the amenites.
  3. Bikes must be ridden on roadways only. No bike riding afer day light hours. Children are not permited to ride bikes, scooters or skateboards in or around the pool area and tennis court.
  4. Parents are responsible for the supervision of children of any age using the Resort’s pool, games room, tennis court and all other facilites.
  5. No fires are permited on the ground within the resort or during peak seasons.
  6. Please be considerate of other guests by ceasing any noise at 10pm and restrictng noise levels early in the morning.
  7. No temporary clothes lines.
  8. All garbage must be wrapped and placed in bins provided.
  9. Bins are not to be moved from the designated locations.
  10. One boom gate code will be issued on arrival. This code will allow access to one vehicle only.
  11. Tailgatng is not permited through the boom gate.
  12. One car is allocated per site. All cars must be parked on their own site unless otherwise authorised by management. Extra cars and visitor’s must park in the visitor’s car park.
  13. Abuse or ill treatment of recepton, ground or service staf will not be tolerated. Any complaints must be made in writng to management.
  14. Please keep valuables out of sight. Island View Beach Resort will not be held responsible for any items damaged or stolen.
  15. Management reserves the right to terminate occupancy if rules are broken. Notice may be given at any time if rules are breached and no refund will be given.

Pet Policy 

  1. If bringing your pet, before entering the park you will need to agree to the terms and conditions of our pet policy.  
    Island View Pet Policy